Refund Policy


  1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide for the appropriate handling of member federation, individual member and partnerorganisation refunds.

  1. Policy Statement

GAWSF will:

  1. Implement and maintain a process for fair and reasonable refund of fees paid; and
  2. Provide refunds for fees and charges paid by member/partner, where seminar/activity has not been provided.
  1. Policy Principles

   3.1 The following principles underpin this policy:  

  1. Details ofGAWSF Refund Policy are to be publicly available.
  2. Payment of all member/partner organisation refunds is made within 20 working days of an application for refund.
  3. Payment of all members/partner organisations refunds to be made in-accordance with the conditions of each individual contract.

   3.2 Refunds  

  1. All registration fee and membership fee paid by member will not be refunded.
  2. Fees paid for Seminar and/or activity, which were not carried out, will be totally or partly refunded according to the conditions of the contract or agreement signed by both parties. Written notification must be provided to apply for a refund. This may be via letter or
  3. There is no refund applicable where a member/partner has commenced their seminar/activity.
  4. GAWSF does not accept liability for loss or damage suffered in the event of withdrawal from a seminar/activity by a member/partner.
  5. GAWSF provides a refund according to the conditions of the contract or agreement signed by both parties, should there be a need for GAWSF to cancel a seminar/activity. In that case, members and partners do not have to apply for a refund, GAWSF will process the refunds automatically.
  1. GAWSF Responsibilities

The Chairman of EC in consultation with the General Treasurer, is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.

  1. Records Management

All documentation from Refund processes are maintained in accordance with Privacy Policy.

  1. Monitoring and Improvement

All Refund practices are monitored by the Chairman of EC of GAWSF and areas for improvement identified and acted upon.


  1. 目的




  1. 实施公平、合理的已付费用退款流程;和
  2. 对于尚未举行研讨会/活动的情况,提供会员/合作伙伴已支付的费用和收费的退款。


3.1 以下原则支持这一政策:

  1. 世界体育总会款政策的详情将公开发布。
  2. 将在退款申请确认后 20 个工作日内支付全部退款。
  3. 所有会员/合作伙伴的退款将按照相关的独立合同条款进行。

3.2 退款

  1. 会员已支付的入会费(登记费)及会员年费(会员费)将不获得退款。
  2. 为未举行的研讨会及/或活动支付的费用将根据双方签署的合同条款规定予以全部或局部退还。申请退款的必须提供书面通知。可通过信函或电子邮件提出书面通知。
  3. 如果会员/合作伙伴的研讨会/活动已开始,将不获得退款。
  4. 对于会员/合作伙伴因放弃举办一项研讨会/活动而遭受的损失或损害,世界体育总会不承担责任。
  5. 如世界体育总会因需取消一项研讨会/活动,世界体育总会将根据双方签署的合同条款规定予以全部或局部退款。会员和合作伙伴机构不必申请退款,世界体育总会将自动处理退款。