MBA — Macau Boxing Association

黑沙環第六街合時工業大厦五樓A座, MACAU
Macau Boxing Association (MBA), the only acknowledge boxing organization in Macau, was established in 1995. MBA is the member of the Sports and Olympic Committee of Macau, China and also the member of AIBA and ASBC. As a non-profit organization, MBA devoted in promoting the boxing training and referee courses over the years in Macau. Also, MBA held different local boxing competitions regularly to enable the Macau athletes step up to the next level of performance. MBA assist and encourage the Macau athletes to participate in different international boxing competitions and has often been achieved outstanding results. On the other hand, MBA provide adult and youth boxing courses to encourage physical health, it also offer standard boxing training to young people who is interested in boxing. Boxing aerobic courses can help in decompression and relaxation to the public. Further referee training courses and other activities will be release regularly.
MBA is committed in promoting boxing game, actively promote boxing classes and referee training courses in Macau. It encourages Macau athletes to participate in different international boxing competitions. In addition, MBA promote boxing game to the public constructively in different age groups and sectors of the community to experience the physical health goal.