FIFS — Federation International Football Skating
Mehdi Arash Salmanpour
The sport was created in the Midlands district of the United Kingdom in 1882 and the first documented match was a game between local rivals Derby and Burton on 30 January of that year. Video footage first appeared at Forest Gate Roller Rink in 1934 in London, United Kingdom, where two teams of female players were filmed for an item on Pathe News. Over a decade later Billboard reported in 1949 that it had been revived in Detroit, having disappeared for more than thirty years. The game re-emerged for inlines in San Francisco in 1995, when a group of friends on inline skates began playing soccer with a pine cone. They soon switched to using a football.​​​​

As if playing football on concrete, trying to kick one of those vintage heavy leather balls in between two jumpers (makeshift posts) wasn’t hard enough, these kids were doing so on roller skates!
The above picture was taken in 1931 in East London, the area in which Millwall and West Ham United played (the former have since relocated to south-east London).
London has remained a hub of the sport that has become known as Rollersoccer. Indeed, in 2003, the English capital hosted the maiden Rollersoccer World Cup, with the Netherlands beating old rivals Germany in the final.

The First Extraordinary Congress of FIFS’s ended with new projects, purposes, and a new President, 2 Vice Presidents, and its board members.

The Congress that took place in Tasigo 5 Star Hotel, Eskisehir-Turkey did from 8th – 13th April 2017. The exciting news is the consolidation of RollerSoccer International Federation RSIF and Futins International Federation FIF to a single International Federation that will serve as an umbrella for both federations/sports around the globe.

This new Federation elected a new President. Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour! He has been working tirelessly as the president of Futins International Federation fully committed to the development of the sport around the world. Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour is holding several official international positions in various International Federations. In fact, he made this First Extraordinary Congress possible, which made the consolidation of a single international federation possible. And Mr. Zack Phillips founder and president of RollerSoccer International Federation from the USA and Mr. Almir Falcao founder of Futins sport and vice president of FIF, from Brazil, elected as the two vice presidents to FIFS.

From 8th April 2017, the cooperation of both RollerSoccer and Futins federations together and beside each other with the same aim and mission is confirmed.

Futins is Football with Skates.

Each team has Minimum 5 Players and Maximum 10 Players. In each match, 5 players are inside the court and rest of the players are substitutes. The reserve players can be the substitute for unlimited times.

In This game, skaters play Football with Inline Skates / Roller Skates and even Ice Skates.
This Sport has separate Men teams and women teams and both the teams’ categories are having Futins World Cup every two years.

Futins can be played in Indoor and outdoor courts.

In Futins game Goalkeeper will support the team in goal post and 4 players are trying to win the match by their great teamwork, passing play and goal scores.

Agile Skating, Flawless maneuver throughout the court, ball control, dribble, pass, shoot, balance, strategy, excitement, fun and much more are the main characteristics of Futins game.

As we all know, most players’ careers are for a relatively short period. Therefore, we encourage and assist our clients with planning for the future.