ESM — Elite Sports Management

Elite Sport Management Limited, Cinnamon House, Cinnamon Park, Crab Lane, Fearnhead, Warrington, UK
0843 289 3765
ESM is a leading sports management company offering exclusive management to clients both in the UK and internationally.

We focus on every aspect of the lifestyle of the player so they can solely focus on their performance.

Our team of professionals have over 20 years experience assisting clients in every aspect of their career and post career.

Our highly experienced team provides a personalised service to all our clients.

ESM provides the following services: –

• Contract Negotiation and Renegotiation
• Financial Management
• Sponsorship and Endorsements
• Legal Services
• Post-Career Planning

Contract Negotiation and Renegotiation
Our team uses extensive preparation, research and planning to generate maximum results for our clients. We strive to look after the individual needs of each client.

The experience of the team puts EMS in a perfect position to represent the interests of the professional player.

Financial Management
The well-known financial institutions we work with, will evaluate your financial needs. Once these needs are determined, you will receive advice as to a precise financial strategy.

Sponsorship and Endorsements
ESM’s management team has vast experience in this area and has a proven track record in negotiation and executing successful commercial opportunities for our clients.

Legal Services
ESM can introduce our clients to qualified lawyers who have vast experience in many areas of law.

Post Career Planning
As we all know, most players’ careers are for a relatively short period. Therefore, we encourage and assist our clients with planning for the future.