ESWF — Esport World Federation

President and Founder
Deputy President
CARAPIET Stephan ‘Macky’
Chairman of the Board
SANCHEZ Reynaldo C.
ESWF is the umbrella organization of all International Federations of electronic sports and digital sports. 

Athletes from every country will officially be ranked and compete in intricately detailed online gaming arenas experiencing the most innovative technological advancements in this newest Cyber sport.

The ESWF was founded in 2018 to take the lead in eSport initiatives, by developing, promoting, and supporting the sport and its athletes globally.
1 – Position itself as the international governing body of electronic sports.
2 – Encourage and support the establishment of International eSports Genres Federations.
3 – Facilitate and stage the eSports World Cup every two years and the Individual Genres World Championships annually.
4 – Host an annual eSports Summit.
5 – Research and develop eSport training and certification of eSports courses.