Equatorial Guinea Olympic Committee and Sports Federation Representatives Meet with EC Chairman of GAWSF

Macau, China - Pedro Nguema, Vice President of the Equatorial Guinea Chamber of Commerce and President of the Esports Federation, recently paid a visit to the General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF) Macau Center on behalf of the Chairman of the Equatorial Guinea Olympic Committee and representatives of the Sports Federation. This visit was met with a warm reception from Dr. Che Kuong Hon, the President of GAWSF Executive Committee.

During the meeting, Pedro Nguema expressed the desire for the World Sports Federation's support in the development of esports in Equatorial Guinea. Recognizing the growing popularity and influence of esports globally, he emphasized the importance of fostering its growth in his country. Dr. Che Kuong Hon, understanding the potential of esports and its impact on the sports industry, agreed to extend support within the permitted scope. He also proposed collaboration through the World Sports University to facilitate academic exchanges between Equatorial Guinea's scholars and students with domestic universities, further promoting sports education and research.

The meeting between Equatorial Guinea's representatives and the EC Chairman of GAWSF signifies a positive step towards enhancing Equatorial Guinea's position in the global sports community. By seeking support and collaboration from international sports organizations, Equatorial Guinea aims to cultivate and promote its sports culture, particularly in the rapidly evolving field of esports.

As the General Association of World Sports Federations serves as a platform for cooperation and exchange among various sports federations worldwide, this visit presents an opportunity for Equatorial Guinea to tap into the knowledge and resources of a global network. The collaboration with GAWSF can potentially contribute to the growth and professionalization of sports in Equatorial Guinea, ultimately benefiting athletes, enthusiasts, and the overall sports industry in the country.

GAWSF Delegation Visits Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Discuss Cooperation

On May 13, 2024, Dr. Che Kuong Hong, the Chairman of GAWSF Executive Committee and President of the World Sports University, along with a delegation from GAWSF, visited the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to discuss cooperation. The delegation was warmly received by Liu Qian, Vice President of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as leaders from the International Education College, International Cooperation Office, and the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During the visit, Professor Zhang Wenchun from the Institute of Qigong Science at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced the organization structure, research directions, and significant achievements of the institute. He emphasized that Qigong, as an important component of traditional Chinese medicine, has a rich theoretical foundation and practical experience, offering unique advantages in promoting human health and disease prevention.

The delegation had the opportunity to tour the various laboratories of the Institute of Qigong Science, where Professor Zhang introduced the specialized Qigong equipment and apparatus used to regulate the body's energy flow through techniques such as intention, movement, and virtual reality. These methods aim to achieve the goals of disease treatment and health preservation. Professor Zhang also shared the latest research achievements and cutting-edge technologies in the modern scientific study of Qigong, providing a deeper understanding of the principles, practical applications, and advancements in Qigong within the context of modern scientific research.

Following the tour, the GAWSF delegation engaged in a discussion and exchange with leaders from the International Education College, International Cooperation Office, and the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Both parties had in-depth conversations regarding cooperation negotiations, mutual empowerment, and project collaboration. They reached a consensus to establish a strategic partnership, with the aim of jointly promoting the popularization and application of Qigong in a global context, as well as conducting relevant training and educational activities.

Dr. Che Kuong Hong expressed his hope to leverage the professional advantages of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the field of Qigong and jointly establish a platform for the international development of Qigong in Macau. Simultaneously, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine expressed its willingness to collaborate with GAWSF in promoting the exchange and cooperation of Qigong on the international stage.

A preliminary cooperation agreement was reached between GAWSF and Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, injecting new vitality into the international development of Qigong. Both parties expressed their commitment to strengthening communication and collaboration, jointly promoting the prosperous development of the Qigong health preservation cause, and contributing wisdom and strength to the strategies of "Healthy China" and "Cultural Strength."

Wynn Palace Successfully Hosts Macau Guandan Global Invitational Tournament; WSU Team Emerges Victorious

In its efforts to promote Chinese culture and foster global Chinese connections, recently organized the highly anticipated Macau Guandan Global Invitational Tournament, also known as the Wynn Cup. The tournament, held from April 22nd to 24th, concluded with a grand awards ceremony at Wynn Palace.

The event, which garnered significant attention from both local Macau residents and the global Chinese community, proved to be a remarkable and captivating experience. Wynn Palace amplified the excitement by doubling the prize money, raising it from 500,000 RMB to an astonishing 1 million RMB in cash rewards, accompanied by an additional 500,000 RMB worth of prizes. All prize money was distributed on-site, adding to the excitement of the tournament.

The Macau Guandan Global Invitational Tournament not only aimed to popularize and develop the game of Guandan but also served as a platform for global Chinese participants to connect and cooperate. The tournament featured the "Global Chinese Summit Forum," facilitating communication and exploring new prospects for future development within the global Chinese community. Entrepreneurial teams from around the world, accompanied by numerous celebrities and world champions, added prestige and fervor to the tournament, cheering on the global Chinese community.

With a substantial prize pool consisting of millions in cash and prizes, the tournament attracted a wide range of participants, encouraging greater involvement and allowing more individuals to experience the allure of Guandan. The tournament's widespread popularity was further amplified through its global livestream on the iQiyi online platform, reaching a wide audience.

World Sports University (WSU), in collaboration with the GAWSF Guandan Sports Committee and various local and international chambers of commerce, sports academies, and Guandan clubs, served as the official organizer and recruiting unit for the tournament. Under the leadership of Mr. Che Kuong Hon, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the GAWSF and President of World Sports University, the WSU Team established a command center. The team, guided by Mr. Wang Bin, a member of the GAWSF Guandan Sports Committee, underwent extensive recruitment and recommendations from WSU team leaders and coaching staff. Ultimately, eight talented players were selected to represent the "WSU Team" in the tournament.

The WSU Team showcased exceptional skills throughout the competition and emerged as the champions of the team event. Additionally, they achieved impressive rankings in the doubles event, securing second, fifth, and ninth places. The team's remarkable performance earned them a total prize amount of nearly 300,000 RMB.

Looking ahead, the WSU Team will continue to participate in high-profile tournaments to further refine their skills. They have planned a series of tournaments, including stops in Boao, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Jiangsu. The team's focus will be on establishing a scoring system and certification process to promote standardized and efficient operations, fostering the growth and strength of the team.

The General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF) commends the success of the Macau Guandan Global Invitational Tournament and congratulates World Sports University (WSU) on their triumph. Their victory and continued dedication contribute to the development and recognition of Guandan as a competitive intellectual sport on the global stage.

GAWSF Celebrates the Resounding Success of the 2024 Asian Judo Championships in Hong Kong


The General Association of World Sports Federations (GAWSF) is thrilled to highlight the exceptional success of the 2024 Asian Judo Championships, held in the vibrant city of Hong Kong from April 20th to 23rd. As a proud supporting organisation for this prestigious event, GAWSF commends the outstanding performance of all the participating judoka from across the Asian continent who showcased their unparalleled skill and talent.

Hosted by the Judo Union of Asia (JUA) and Judo Association of Hong Kong, China, the 2024 Asian Judo Championships witnessed a stunning display of athletic prowess from the judoka of the East Asian region. However, the competition was fiercely contested by athletes hailing from all corners of Asia, reflecting the ever-growing depth and competitiveness of judo throughout the continent.

"The level of excellence demonstrated by all the judoka at this year's Asian Championships was truly remarkable," remarked Mr. Che Kuong Hon the Chairman of the Executive Committee of GAWSF. "Their incredible performances and sportsmanship have once again highlighted the universal appeal and prestige of the sport of judo across the entire Asian continent."

The success of the 2024 Asian Judo Championships was made possible through the tireless efforts of the Judo Association of Hong Kong, China and the JUA Executive Committee, under the visionary leadership of President Mr. AL-ANZI Obaid. The JUA's unwavering commitment to the development and promotion of judo across the continent has undoubtedly played a crucial role in fostering the continued growth and success of the sport in Asia.

"On behalf of the GAWSF, I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the JUA, the Judo Association of Hong Kong, China, and all the participating athletes and teams from across Asia," added Mr.  Che Kuong Hon. "This event has once again showcased the remarkable talent and potential within the Asian judo community, and we eagerly anticipate the future achievements of these exceptional judoka on the global stage."

The 2024 Asian Judo Championships in Hong Kong has set a new benchmark for excellence in the sport, and GAWSF is honored to have been a part of this remarkable celebration of athletic prowess and sportsmanship. As the world of judo looks towards the future, the performances of all the participants at this event will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for the next generation of champions from Asia and beyond.


IOC and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products Join Forces for Looney Tunes Olympic Licensing Agreement

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced an exciting collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products (WBDGCP) that will bring the beloved Looney Tunes characters to a collection of official Olympic-licensed products. This partnership aims to celebrate the Olympic values while engaging fans of all ages through a range of branded merchandise.

The IOC's Managing Director of IOC Television & Marketing Services, Anne-Sophie Voumard, expressed her enthusiasm for the licensing collaboration, stating, "Through the licensing collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, the timeless charm of the Looney Tunes characters will add to our celebration of the Olympic values: the power of sport, the power to create friendships, to cultivate respect and to bring the world together in the pursuit of excellence."

The Looney Tunes characters have a long-standing association with sports, notably highlighted in the blockbuster films "Space Jam" (1996) and its recent sequel "Space Jam: A New Legacy" (2021). Furthermore, the characters were previously featured in a product collection dedicated to Team USA during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Their vibrant personalities perfectly embody the spirit of the Olympics, emphasizing teamwork, camaraderie, athleticism, and healthy competition.

This licensing agreement marks a significant milestone in the IOC's global licensing program, which aims to engage and connect fans through official Olympic merchandise. The Looney Tunes products will be an integral part of The Olympic Collection, offering a wide range of branded items such as apparel, toys, games, bags, stationery, and sports equipment. With a particular focus on engaging a young and active audience, this collection aims to captivate fans of all ages, providing them with unique and appealing merchandise that resonates with the Olympic spirit.

In addition to The Olympic Collection, the IOC's licensing program includes the Olympic Heritage Collection. This collection pays tribute to previous Games editions, featuring products inspired by their art and design elements. By offering apparel, mascots, and accessories from past Olympic Games, fans and collectors can connect with the rich heritage of the Olympic movement. Moreover, the Olympic and Paralympic Games Collections celebrate each upcoming edition of the Games, offering a diverse range of accessories, souvenirs, fan gear, and apparel.

The IOC's licensing programs provide fans with a tangible connection to the Olympic Games and the core Olympic values. By purchasing official merchandise, collectibles, and souvenirs, fans can demonstrate their support for the Games while immersing themselves in the Olympic spirit. These products serve as lasting mementos and reminders of the power of sport, friendship, respect, and excellence.

In addition to the collaboration with the IOC, WBDGCP has formed partnerships with various Olympic Committees and National Olympic Committees worldwide. These partnerships enable the creation of country-specific merchandise for each Olympic team, fostering a sense of national pride and unity among athletes and supporters. The countries involved in this initiative include the United States of America, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, and Mexico. Furthermore, WBDGCP has also developed Paralympic team merchandise for the USA and Brazil.

Within each country, WBDGCP will collaborate with licensees across multiple product categories, including fashion and sportswear, toys, collectibles, sporting goods, homeware, and beauty and grooming. This collaboration will ensure that fans and supporters of each Olympic team have access to a wide range of merchandise that not only embodies the spirit of their respective nations but also captures the essence of the Olympic Games.

The partnership between the IOC and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products brings together the timeless charm of the Looney Tunes characters and the global appeal of the Olympic Games. Through this licensing agreement, fans of both the Looney Tunes and the Olympics can celebrate their shared values and engage with the Games through a vibrant and diverse range of official merchandise. This collaboration aims to inspire the next generation of fans while fostering a sense of unity and excitement surrounding the Olympic movement.

Photo credit: IOC website