World Silambam Day 2022

Event name: World Silambam Day

Place: India

Date: 22nd November, 2022

Festival Date: 18th to 24th November, 2022

Organiser: World Silambam Association


WORLD SILAMBAM DAY on 22 November every year declared by World Silambam Association and Silambam India Association during General Assembly 2019 held at National Sports Institute. World Silambam Day Festival begins from 18 November to 24 November, depending on the auspicious days or holidays in their country. World Silambam Day also reminds us of the auspiciousness of Karthigai month (the light festival month), which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is Lord Murugan's birth month.

This auspicious month of Karthigai (festival of lamps) is the primary cause or root through which Goddess Parvathy united the six forms of Skanda or Kartikeya, whose future led to Silambam being taught to Sage Agastya (the father of Silambam). According to oral folklore, Silambam dates back several thousand years to the time of the Siddha (enlightened sage) Agastya. While on his way to Vellimalai, Agastya discussed Hindu philosophy with an old man he met, said to be Lord Murugan in disguise. The old man taught him about kundalini yoga and how to focus prana through the body's nadis (channels). Agastya practiced this method of meditation and eventually compiled three texts on palm leaves based on the god's teachings. One of these texts was the Kampu Sutra (Staff Classic), which was said to record advanced fighting theories in verse. These poems and the art they described were allegedly passed on to other Siddhas of the Agastmuni akhara (Agastya school of fighting) and eventually formed the basis of the Silambam.

World Silambam Day is an annual event celebrated by Silambam participants with their parents or families, Silambam practitioners, and Silambam students around the world every year to promote a healthy lifestyle, give hope and courage to people, especially the young (children and youth), through the Indian traditional arts and sport of Silambam. It also helps enrich the lifestyle, create prosperity between communities, and remind everyone about safeguarding the essence of Indian Traditional Arts, Sports, and Culture.

Information provided by the World Silambam Association.